With more than a third of the World's population, Asia represents the largest growing market of the new millenium. Translating your message into the diversity of Asian languages and cultures effectively is critical in determining the success or failure of your business.
Strategically located in the heart of Asia, AsiaRain provides you the window to access abundant professional Asian translators in the native countries, to “translate in Asia, for Asia, at Asian prices”.
Singapore has been often referred to as the "Switzerland of Asia". Offering an English speaking business environment, rule of law and a first class infrastructure, Singapore has been consistently ranked as the most honest and ethical country in Asia. It comes as no surprise that Singapore is home to more than 3000 Asia headquarters of foreign companies.
AsiaRain has been the Asian Translation and Localization partner for many Asia offices in Singapore and across the globe, providing the language and cultural bridge between East & West since 1993. Our team of bi-directional translators helps American and European companies to tap the Asian markets as well as Japanese and Chinese companies to export to the west.
AsiaRain provides a one-stop solution that meets all your translation needs, from translating and printing marketing brochures and technical manuals to localizing websites, software, multimedia presentations, as well as interpreting for conferences. Technical translation for the computer, engineering, medical, legal and telecommunications fields is our forte, a natural outcome of our root from a national IT research institute.
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