' Our Vision is to be the Asian Translation and Localization Partner of international companies, focusing on Asian technical translations and delivering a one-stop solution that meets all our clients’ translation needs on time and with quality.'
Our History
AsiaRain is a pioneer in the field of large volume translation and localization in the Asian Languages, providing software localization services to IT companies like Informix as early as 1993.
Previously known as the Machine Translation Service Unit (1993), the company is a successful example of technoprenuership, spinning off from the Singapore national IT research and development institute, named ISS (now known as A*star) in 1997. Its beginnings from research in translation automation (machine translation, translation memories, etc.) have led to a company uniquely strong in both information technology and Asian technical translation.
AsiaRain has been awarded a research grant by the National Science and Technology Board of Singapore (NSTB) for its R&D initiative in automation of high volume technical translations to achieve accuracy, consistency and fast turnaround.
Why is Our Name AsiaRain?
We are often asked, “Why is your name AsiaRain? You are not a rainwear company!”
The clue to the answer lies in our flash introduction.
Get it? Anyway, here’s the answer!
AsiaRain specializes in Asian translations, hence, the characters “ “ (Asia) and ““ (language). Instead of using these two characters for our name, which is too obvious and hence, uninteresting, we pun on the character ““ (language) to get the character ““ (rain) which shares the same pronunciation as character for language and yet carries with it the meaning of “wealth” and “Singapore”. In Chinese, there is a saying that “Water is Wealth” and many visitors to Singapore fondly remember the rain that brings a respite to the tropical heat.
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