At AsiaRain, our motto is On Time, With Quality.” We understand that a translation error or delivery delay may have serious consequences. To ensure quality and timeliness, we have put together:
A translation project team for quality
Translation tools for consistency and speed
A process workflow for quality and timeliness
Translating for Quality
Professional native translators. Our strategic location in Asia allows us to tap the best in-country translators in the region. AsiaRain’s translators usually have 3 to 10 years of solid translation experience. To ensure consistency and a fast turnaround, we work with a regular pool of carefully selected in-country translators and also hire full-time in-house translators in Singapore for the major Asian languages.
Technical translators. We are always careful in selecting an appropriate technical translator to avoid misinterpretation and ensure proper terminology translation. A legal translator is certainly different from an engineering translator, but we make finer distinctions into translators for semiconductors, tractors, etc. Our experience has also left us with valuable translation glossaries in specific industries such as accounting and semiconductor. Sometimes, projects may cross technical fields; for example, an accounting software manual filled with accounting and computer terms or a medical instrument guide with medical and electrical terms; for such projects, we use a translator team to have all grounds covered. Languages evolve and new technical terms are introduced constantly, say in the computer field, native translators in Asia are able to keep up-to-date to such linguistic developments.
Bi-directional translator team. Unlike European translators, native Asian translators generally have lower competency in the English language. From our experience, even a professional native Chinese or Japanese translator trained in years of English may misunderstand when the English expression is tricky.

It is a common practice of translation companies in China to use, say an engineer, for a technical marketing brochure translation, without realizing that his English may not be good enough. Legal agreements with its convoluted English present traps for native Asian translators.

One of AsiaRain’s competitive advantages over other single-language Asian translation companies lies in bi-directional translations, such as English to Chinese/Japanese and vice versa.

With a team of native translators working hand-in-hand with bilingual Singaporean translators who learn English from birth, it enables us to achieve native language fluency in the translated text with no misinterpretation of the English source.


Translator and reviewer. Errors in translation usually occur due to misunderstanding of the subject matter or misunderstanding of an English expression, or less-than-perfect fluency in the final translated text. In our approach to minimize these errors, translation and revision typically involve different translators with complementary skills.

Client feedback. Most of our clients are long-term and working as their partner allows us to understand their product, terminology and stylistic preferences and perfect the translation process over time. We usually request that the client appoint a coordinator to liaise with our project manager on source materials (source documents, in-house glossaries, past translations, etc.) and schedules. The client’s technical reviewer will help to clarify semantic ambiguity in the source text and review the translated text since they would have preferences and intimate knowledge of their own products.

Translation project team. We believe one value-add of a translation company over an individual freelance translator is the ability to offer a translation team. A team of project manager, translator, reviewer, publishing artist, software engineer, web specialist working under one roof reduces errors and improves turnaround.

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Translation Tools

As a spin-off company from a computer research institute with a founder who has 10 years of experience in computer research on translation automation, we pride ourselves as a highly automated translation and localization service provider.

We support professional native translators with automation tools to achieve quality, speed, and consistency in terminology and style.

To ensure consistency in terminology and style, we make use of electronic dictionaries, terminology, translation reuse (Trados) tools and machine translation tools. We pioneer a way of leveraging from Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese in 1993 that brings substantial savings to our clients.

We support a whole range of operating systems, publishing tools as well as multimedia and software localization and QA tools, running on PCs and Macintosh, supported by broadband internet access.
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