Professional interpreters provide an accurate medium of verbal communication among people from different parts of the world.

Interpreting, unlike translation, is oral; a bad interpretation cannot be redone once the occasion is over. Selecting a suitable professional interpreter is crucial to ensuring success of your important meeting.

AsiaRain has provided consecutive, simultaneous, phone interpretation, dubbing/ voice-over for the following events:
Simultaneous Chinese, Japanese and Korean interpreter teams for regional conferences. We also provide required headsets for the audience, a manager as liaison between the client and interpreters, and even fly interpreters into Singapore, where necessary.
Technical interpreters specialized in a technical field for technical training, regional marketing presentations or internal meeting for Asia offices of global companies.
Consecutive interpreters for court cases, business meetings or interviews for law firms, hotels, local companies and individuals.
Phone interpretation for one conference call or multiple conference calls over a period of time for business negotiations.
Interpreters for meetings in the Asia region, outside of Singapore.
Only the Best
AsiaRain’s network of experienced interpreters covers languages ranging from Chinese (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) to Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, etc. and span over technical fields like IT, telecommunications, etc. We will go that extra mile to arrange for interpreters in the region or fly interpreters into Singapore, to provide you with someone who will deliver the content and professionalism, which is so important to you and us.
Act Now!
Good interpreters are a very limited pool of professionals. To ensure availability, arrangements should be made far in advance, preferably, at least 2 weeks before the event. Arranging for an interpreter on short notice may result in less choice, lower quality, higher cost or even no interpreter!
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