Large Volume Technical Translations
AsiaRain specializes in the translation and typesetting of technical and scientific documentation. 80% of our business is in technical translation, a natural outcome of our origin from research in IT automation of large volume technical translations. Our expertise features:
Proven track record of thousands of pages translated in computer, engineering, telecommunications, medical, legal, SMT, printers and copiers ERP & accounting, etc. for industry leaders.
Experienced native technical translators for technical accuracy.
Consistency in terminology and translation style through use of translation memories, terminology tools and machine translation.
Customized glossaries for future reference and updates.
Savings in future documentation version updates through translation reuse.
Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions completed by native P.R.C. and Taiwan Chinese translators, offered as a package with substantial savings.
We offer technical translation for the following :
Service Manuals
User Guides
Scientific & Engineering Data Sheets
Technical standards and reports
Material Specifications
Medical and Pharmaceutical Documentation
Financial and Banking Documents
RFPs and proposals
Company Literature, Brochures and marketing pieces.
For details on the specific Asian Languages we offer, see translations.
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