Asian Translation and Publishing under one roof
AsiaRain specializes in one-stop technical translation, publishing, software and website localization in Asian languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc.)
We have served Japanese and Asia offices of US/European companies, as well design houses etc. since 1993. Although our main business is translation, many customers like our one-stop translation and publishing service.
Wide Range of Asian Publishing Software
As an IT company, our publishing specialists are skilled in a wide range of document formats from paper-based to on-line information and a host of publishing graphics, and multimedia applications, including Framemaker, Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft word, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop, VISIO, Indesign, Director, Authorware, Help HTMLHelp and SGML. For most of these software, we have the Asian editions with Asian fonts running on Asian operating systems.
We Deliver in Any Format
We can deliver your localized documentation, ready for use in the form of printed brochures, 35mm slides or transparencies for presentations, laminated posters, etc. We can also deliver in intermediate formats (films with proof, PDF or postscript) with Asian fonts embedded, ready for printing anywhere in the world. This way, clients get professional Asian documents without worrying about different Asian software and Asian scripts.
Avoid Blatant Formatting Errors in Your Final Prints!
Even when the translated text is proofread and perfect, serious linguistic errors can be introduced during formatting of Asian text. Having the translators involved in the formatting avoids nightmares where the translated text is placed at the wrong location, lines are wrapped at linguistically inappropriate places (unlike English, many Asian languages have no space between words), truncation of text in boxes, accidental deletion of characters during layout or even garbled Asian characters in the final printout. The translator can adjust a translation to fit a formatting space if required (e.g. a heading that is slightly too long) and break long lines at linguistically sensible places.
Follow Asian Typesetting Rules
Our publishing specialists are knowledgeable on special Asian typesetting rules and conventions. Our cost for Asian formatting is also very competitive.
No More Headaches on Vendor Coordination
A one-stop service for translation, formatting, film and printing removes the headaches of coordination and finger-pointing between different suppliers, which is particularly tricky where special Asian software and fonts are required.
Review Formatted Translation with Ease
Clients in the country offices can review formatted translations instead of having to first review and finalize the unformatted translated text as a first phase before formatting begins. This makes reviewing easier and more efficient (especially for diagram labels, picture captions, etc.)
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