Multimedia & Web Localization
After investing in an English web site and adding e-commerce to it, what next? If your web-site is meant for the world, why not invest a little more to create your multilingual online presence by localizing it into multiple Asian languages?
Our Track Record
  Asiarain has been involved in Asian multimedia and web localization as early as 1993 and works with end customers, as well as web design and e-commerce companies. We have completed projects for Siemens, Technomatix, Pacific Internet, Aztech, Digital Altavista, Lucent Technologies, etc. into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, etc.
Native Translators and Web Specialists under One Roof
As a web localization company, our native translators work hand in hand with our web specialists throughout the entire localization process. This approach has advantages over working arrangements where the translator leaves the scene after translation. It avoids pitfalls where the translation is out of context, Asian text is accidentally deleted, truncated or line-wrapped inappropriately or that links are highlighted on an inappropriate word.
Steps in Web Localization
Our translator translates your content in appropriate marketing language; our graphic designer localizes the images including simple and animated graphics and video-editing; our software engineer deals with the complexities of Asian code pages and programming codes like HTML, java, asp, jsp, Flash, etc. and finally the translator re-enters as an end-user for linguistic review and testing of the integrated website using web browsers. Language buttons can be added for switching seamlessly between the various languages.
Working with Clients
Some clients have an in-house web development team. We work with our clients with flexibility and through an optimal division of labor. We may simply do translation "in place" in HTML and JAVA files, with a client undertaking graphic localization and testing. Many e-commerce sites require setting up a backend server. We may duplicate the client's environment on our server or clients may set up a staging server which our translators can log on to perform final end user testing.
Keeping Your Web Site Up-to-date
Keeping a web site up-to-date is important and we work with our customers long-term synchronize their translated web sites with their English web-site at low maintenance cost by charging only for the updates.
Voiceovers, Videos & More
Multimedia localization includes localization of multimedia presentations using Flash, Director, as well as localization of multimedia training CD-ROMs complete with voice-overs, localized video clips, CD covers and CD replications.
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