Our Team
Jane Ee set up Machine Translation Service Unit in 1993 and founded AsiaRain in 1997 as a technopreneur.
Jane is a rare breed, who combines 10 years of IT research experience in translation automation with expertise in technical translation between English, Chinese and Japanese. As a multi-lingual Singaporean, she speaks Cantonese to her mother, Hokkien to her father-in-law, sings the National Anthem in Malay and attended Thai courses! With an IT Masters Degree from Northwestern University, U.S.A., Jane worked as an IT consultant in Chicago before returning to Singapore. She spent 10 years in ISS (now known as A* Star), the Singapore National IT R&D institute. With a love of languages, her research centers on Asian language processing and she personally led a joint R&D project with IBM to build an English to Chinese machine translation system and translation memories for large volume technical translations in 1991.

Jane is internationally recognized as a pioneer in automation of large volume translation of Asian languages and has spoken at international conferences of LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) and IAMT (International Association of Machine Translation) and provided consultancy on the use of machine translation technologies.

AsiaRain boasts a formidable in-house staff of different nationalities representing Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore etc.- in short, an Asian version of the United Nations.
Our native translators work hand in hand with layout artists, web specialists and software engineers all under one roof to provide a one-stop Asian language solution to customers. The business development managers and project managers act as a single point of contact to customers to ensure "on time, with quality" on multi-language projects.
Our native technical translators typically have 5-10 years of technical translation experience. To avoid misinterpretation of English expressions, which invariably is a common source of error in translations, we have made a genuine effort to recruit native translators with a strong mastery of the English language.
In addition to our highly professional in-house staff, our strategic location in Asia allows us to tap a selected team of in-country native translators specializing in different technical disciplines.
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