AsiaRain Workflow for "On Time, with Quality"
Evaluation and Quotation
Requirements analysis and work scope definition
- Purpose of translation (publication, information-only)
- Intended audience
- Job scope (translation, layout, printing, localization)
- Delivery formats
AR & Client
Job sizing
- Receipt of source files
- Counting of translation words
- Graphic and page layout effort
- Engineering efforts for software/web localization
- Discounts for documentation updates
Proposal & Quotation
- Deliverable
- Delivery schedule
- Cost
Job confirmation
- Client signs job confirmation order
AR & Client
Project Planning
Establish communication with client
- Assignment of project manager as single point of contact with client
- Client appoints contact person to clarify on translation issues, etc.
AR & Client
Detailed requirement definition and resource gathering
- Detailed work scope definition
- Detailed job sizing
- Detailed schedule and milestones
- Client provide complete source files, glossaries, past translations, training, as appropriate
Project team formation
- Source text analysis (style, technical and linguistic complexity)
- Selection of translator and technical/linguistic reviewer with complementary skills to ensure technical accuracy, zero misinterpretation of source language and maximum fluency in target language
- Selection of other team members to work hand-in-hand with translator to ensure turnkey solution: publishing specialist, web specialist and localization engineer
Planning for large volume technical documentation
Glossary management
- Client provides in-house glossary or past translations as input
- Technical glossary to ensure terminology consistency
- Client review and acceptance
- Terminology tools: multiterm
AR & Client
Translation memory management
- Ensures translation consistency and discount over documentation updates
- Tools used: TRADOS, Star Transit
Translation and Review
Translation & Review
- Translation
- Technical review for technical accuracy
- Linguistic review for fluency, misinterpretation, typographic errors, etc.
- Formats supported: FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand, etc. (Asian versions)
- Client provides corporate publishing guidelines (corporate color, use of color, font, logo etc.)
- In house layout artist works hand-in-hand with translator to avoid nightmares caused by layout artists ignorant about Asian text
- Generation of PDF for client review
Client Review& Feedback
Client review & feedback
- PM keeps log of issues- 1-2 rounds of feedback and corrections included
AR & Client
- PDF/Postscript file generation
- Color separation with proof
- Translator reviews color proofs
- Client review and acceptance
- Printing
AR & Client
Software, Web & Multimedia Localization
See separate workflow for localization, compilation, testing and engineering
Client deliverables
- Maintenance issue
- Project review or post-mortem meeting
AR & Client
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